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Last update: April 15, 2009
CurrentVersion : V0.5

Version 0 (zero) was the first goal to reach, i.e. to be able to display into the dashboard at least the same information that the original one. Number 0 want thus say "zero value added". 
It only means that it is not finished, it just began ! Take an eye to the developments section...
Available functionalities

- Automatic display rear cam when reverse gear is engaged;
- Display of current engaged gear (in France we don't use much the automatic cars);
- Automatic screen reconfiguration when rear cam is engaged;
- External events management (alerts, rear gear engaged, etc...);
- All indicators (battery, oil, lights, etc...);
- Specific behaviour for used worn plates : it remains lit until the next restart of the dashboard; 
- Specific behaviour for the starter indicator : it starts to flick when the engine is rather hot (~75°C);
- Car life mileage counter;
- Last fuel fill mileage counter : it is automatically reset when a tank fill is detected;
- Speedometer;
- Fuel gauge: twinkling alarm when the tank is almost empty or in reserve;
- Engine temperature gauge : change of color and alarms according to the temperature;
- RPM counter : the pointer's color change according to engine revolutions;
- Darening of the screen according to the lights position ( 4 possible positions: day, position lights, headlights, full headlights)
- Skinnable, but only one appareance available for the moment and no means of interaction to change it into real time.
There is a preview screenxhot of what is displayed when you engage reverse gear. The rear cam is not yet displayed but it will be soon (work in progress) :

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How long ?
Many of you ask me that question: you want to know how long took to me to develop all that. There are two answers: in absolute time already almost 2 years since the idea was born, and I would say one year since I've started the development. The second answer is that not having worked on it at full-time, that would not have taken a year if that had been the case, but rather 4 months.
Here some photographs taken while rolling. They are all displaying the LCD system.

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Here some videos showing how it works.

Video 1 : rear cam in use to park

Video 2 : rear cam engaged/disengaged

Video 3 : current engaged gear displayed (at the right into the RPM counter)

Video 4 : car stopped, basic functions

Video 5 : downtown rolling 

Video 6 : on road

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August 2007
Progressive screen darkening development, triggered by car lights.

May 2007
Definitive installation of the V0 in the car, first "public" demonstrations with my friends and colleagues.

October-November 2006
Embedded PC development: connectors to the car sensors, signal conversion, upstream filtering, etc...

Summer 2006
I devote my summer holidays to develop a skinnable software allowing to compute and display the esential data in a dashboard.

October 2005
The idea was born. While I rolled on a right and tedious road.